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Adelaide to Big Bend Lookout at Nildottie

sunny 36 °C

Day 16 Adelaide to Langhorne Creek
After 3 nights in Adelaide, we drove down to Victor Harbour which is a beautiful old town which was once a whaling station. We had a look at the horse drawn tram which leaves the mainland and crosses over to an island. Lovely horses.
We walked all around the town and then had lunch sitting on the beachside then drove towards our overnight stopping camp at Langhorne Creek via Goolwa and Strathalbyn. The free grassy campsite is set amongst trees.
Just an update on Pommy Bob’s Friends son. It now appears that his injuries are the result of a “King Hit” where he was punched and as he fell he hit his head on the kerb. The police are searching for the person who did the act.

Day 17 Langhorne Creek to Big Bend Lookout on the Murray
After a good nights sleep at Langhorne Creek we continued our journey and visited Wellington where we crossed the Murray River on a car ferry before arriving at Tailem Bend. The Murray River is the 3rd longest navigable river in the world after The Amazon and The Nile. It is 2756 km long.
We walked around town then drove on to Murray Bridge and took photos of both the old road and rail bridges here.
Onwards to Mannum where we again crossed the Murray on a ferry. The scenery along the way today has been pretty boring. The only thing going for it the views of the river which in some places are spectacular with fairly high and colourful cliffs.
We continued on to our rest stop for the night just past Nildottie where we took a ferry ride again to Big Bend Lookout.
The wind is fairly strong and the weather is both quite dry and hot. (36 deg C). (40.3 deg in the caravan).

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Big Bend Lookout on the Murray to Mildura

semi-overcast 25 °C

Day 18 Big Bend Lookout on the Murray to Martins Bend near Berri
What a rough night it was last night. During the night a VERY heavy wind came up and really shook the caravan, it was quite scary. As well, all the windows and vents were open since it was so hot when we went to bed. Had to get up and close them all as the wind was driving the rain into the van.
There was a Houseboat on the river below our campsite as we were about to leave this morning.
Anyway, after surviving the weather we departed Big Bend lookout and headed for Loxton. What a nothing road this turned out to be – absolutely nothing to see at all. We saw less that 2 dozen cattle in the 90 km drive. Pommy Bob saw 2 emus which we missed.
Loxton turned out to be quite a nice tidy town on the banks of the Murray River and we had lunch down near the wharf area.
We continued on to Berri and the stopping place for the night at Martins Bend Rest Area. This is a lovely area with lots of River Red Gum trees and she oaks on the banks of the river. Lots of ducks as well, or as our Pommy mate would say – “Dooks”.

Day 19 Martins Bend near Berri to Mildura
We left the free campsite at Martins bend after a nice quiet sleep. It certainly is a great site.
We drove into Renmark and were a little disappointed as the roses are all past their prime and the town was extremely quiet – don’t know where everyone is.
Onwards to the small town of Parringa where we had a look at Lock 4 on the Murray River and also a large barge undergoing a face lift.
We continued on to Mildura and booked into a caravan park here for 3 nights. It may be longer – it will all depend on what we do here. As we were setting up a paddle steamer the PS Melbourne chugged by.

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Still at Mildura

25 °C

Day 20 At Mildura
We all went in our car the Merbein and then on to Wentworth. We came across an old Convent school at Wentworth – it is a lovely old building which has been restored by the National Trust. It was built in 1911 and closed at the end of 1950.
We continued on the Junctions of the Murray and the Darling Rivers. The steel spiral staircase here was opened in 1991 which gave a great view of the confluence of these two mighty rivers.
We drove to have a look at Lock 10 where we had morning tea then visited the Information centre and obtained quite a bit of advice on the Fruit Fly exclusion zones etc.
We drove to Buronga to the Arid Zone Botanical Gardens and had a bit of a walk around especially the rose garden there. We came across a 2500 year old Eucalytus oleosa (or oil mallee) tree in the gardens. The large underground stem is known as a lignotuber and it survives and regenerates new shoots after fire. So while the lignotuber is 2500 years old the branches are closer to 700 years old.
It was getting late so we went back into town at Mildura and had a late lunch before returning to the caravan park.

Day 21 At Mildura again
We started the day with a trip to have a look around the farmers market in Mildura. Hiroe said that she wasn’t going to buy anything but that statement went out the window when we got there.
We came back to the vans for a late morning tea and then lunch before going to have a look at Lock 11 and the Mildura weir then on a river cruise on the paddle boat; Rothbery for a couple of hours which was very relaxing.
There are a lot of houseboats and paddle steamers on the river here at Mildura.
We saw the caravan park that we are staying at when we went down the river.
We had to go into town again to do some shopping as when we worked out how many days we have to go before arriving at any sizeable town after we leave here tomorrow we all decided that we needed to get some more food in our fridges.

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Days 22 - 23 Mildura to Nyah

overcast 25 °C

Day 22 Mildura to Hattah
Daylight saving ended at 2.00 am this morning so we were supposed to have an extra hour in bed last night. Didn’t make much difference though as our internal clocks said it was time to get up and so we did.
We left Mildura and travelled a long way down the road to Irymple (7km) where we stopped to purchase some dried fruit at the Angus park shop.
On then for another 10 km to Red Cliffs to have a look at “Big Lizzie” which was built early last century to help clear some of the area around here for fruit growing. It took 2 years to drive this monster from Melbourne as every time it rained it got bogged as well as many breakdowns. It travelled at the great speed of 2 miles per hour.
Lunch and then onwards to 1 km from Hattah where we have stopped for the night in a roadside rest area.
We had our first campfire for this trip at Hattah Rest Area. It was lovely to sit around at ‘Happy Hour’ and have a beer or wine.

Day 23 Hattah to Nyah
After a nice quiet rest at Hattah well off the road we drove on down the Calder Highway to Ouyen where we stopped and had a good look around the township. There were some very good murals on a wall including an interesting one of how they used to transport water for the irrigation of the area by rail.
We joined the Sunraysia Highway and drove to the town of Speed before arriving at Lake Tyrrell which is a salt lake where they extract over 100,000 tone of salt a year.
It is very desolate country and quite windy so we drove on towards Nyah. On the way the road decreased to single track bitumen which means that if we meet oncoming traffic the largest vehicle stays on the ‘black top’ and the smallest gets off onto the gravel. It gets a little confusing at times especially if the oncoming vehicle doesn’t know the rules.

We continued on to the small town of Nyah where we will stay on the banks of the Murray River in a free camp for 3-4 days to have a rest.

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Days 24 - 26 Nyah to Charlton

rain 22 °C

On Wednesday we went to Swan Hill and walked around the city in the rain. We did some shopping then back to the vans for lunch.
Didn’t sleep too well last night as the rain was quite heavy and we were parked in ‘Black Soil’ and I kept wondering how Pommy Bob was going to get us all out of this onto solid ground. (He has a four wheel drive whereas our is only 2 wheel.
Well I could have saved myself all that worry and lack of sleep as Bob went ahead of us and got completely bogged (both car and caravan) where we passed right by him and made it out of the mud.
We unhooked our van and carefully went back to him, connected up our ‘snatch strap’ and pulled but him and his van out of the sticky mud. A 2WD Isuzu to the rescue of a Mitsubishi 4WD.
Anyway after all that excitement we drove through Swan Hill to Lake Boga where we had morning tea. An old water pump was on show which was used to provide water for irrigation. It could pump 3,000, 000 gals per day.
Then on to Kerang for lunch and a look around town. There is a lovely old water tower here.
Onwards through Boort to Charlton for the night.
After leaving the Murray Valley Highway at Kerang we noticed that the country seems to be much more productive. The fields are a lovely green.

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