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Days 1-3

Bomaderry to Rosebud in Victoria

Sunday 16th March 2014
We left home at 8.45 this morning and drove down the Princes Highway through Milton Ulladulla and Batemans Bay where we had morning tea on the north side of the Clyde River. A marathon was in progress and there were a lot of people running and cycling.
Onwards then through Moruya Narooma to Cobargo where we had lunch and a walk around town. Not too much happening as it is Sunday.
From here we continued on through Bega and Eden then crossed the State border into Victoria before stopping for the night in a lovely free rest area camping ground at Genoa.

We left Genoa at 8.15 and continued on down the Highway to Cann River where we stopped for a walk around this quite small town – it didn’t take us long to have a look at everything.
Onwards to Orbost where we again had a good look up and down the main street. It is very quiet here.
We drove on to Lakes Entrance where we stopped near the towns main beach and had lunch before having a good walk around and visited a few Op shops and bought some second hand books. It is quite windy here just like every other time we have been here. Took a photo of the in-let into the Great Lakes system.
After leaving Lakes Entrance we drove on to Bairnsdale which is quite a large town then on to our overnight stopping place 30 km west of there.

Day 3 Sale to Rosebud. After leaving Sale on Tuesday morning we drove to Rosedale where we stopped to purchase a couple of birthday cards, some bread and meat. Onwards then through Traralgon, bypassing Morwell then leaving the motorway to have a look around Moe. Continuing on we pulled off the motorway again to have a look at Drouin before cutting across country via a few back roads through Modella, to Bayles where we had lunch in a park.
Onwards through Koo-wee-rup, Pearcedale, and joined the Peninsular Motorway down to Rosebud where we have camped for the night in a foreshore camping ground.
We had a short walk along the beachfront (Port Phillip Bay), and noticed a cargo ship leaving Melbourne so took a photo. There are quite a few beach huts along the foreshore as well.

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Days 4 - 8

Rosebud to Princetown

semi-overcast 19 °C

Day 4 Rosebud to Airey Inlet.
We arose very early (6.30 am) this morning so that we could catch the 8.00 am car ferry from Sorrento to Queenscliffe. Catching this early ferry saved $40.00 for the trip. It was lucky that we made the effort to get to the wharf early as some of the later arrivals had to wait for the 9.00 am run even though the ship is quite large there were too many customers. It was still dark when we got up and it was quite cold. The sunrise over Port Phillip Bay was magnificent. We missed breakfast but had a coffee on the ferry.
When we disembarked 45 minutes later at Queenscliffe we told our GPS that we wanted to go Torquay where we were to meet up with our travelling companion from here; Pommy Bob Bridgestock.
After together and having lunch we drove down the “Great Ocean Road” to Aireys Inlet to have a look at the Split Point Light House which is over 100 feet (30 metres) high. The walk UP to the lighthouse was very steep however the views from here were spectacular. Some quite interesting rocks in the sea being eroded by the waves.
We then drove out to a free campsite (Hammonds Road campground) in the Aireys National Park for the night. It’s 10km out of town on a gravel road which in places is quite corrugated. The campsite is very secluded and quiet but lovely.

Day 5 Hammonds Road Campground to Cape Otway Caravan Park.
We all slept in this morning and didn’t wake until 7.45 so it was a late getaway.
We drove back to Aireys Inlet then turned west again and very soon after we came upon a gateway to the Great Ocean Road.
This road was built by 3000 soldiers and sailors returning from World War 1 and using little more that pick and shovel between 1918 and 1932 it was funded by public and corporate donations with the Returned Servicemens League R.S.L.) helping to raise funds. The road is 241 km long and one of the longest and most visually remarkable coastal roads. This is also the world’s biggest war memorial.
We continued on down the Great Ocean Road towards Lorne where we visited the Information Centre and obtained direction to Erskine Falls.
We drove up the mountain and at the entrance to the falls carpark a sign said “Not suitable for caravans” so we parked on the side of the road and were just about to start the 2 km walk to the falls when a young tourist offered us a lift down in his vehicle. His mates were walking and expecting him to come along and pick them up however he had a full car with us in it so he drove past them. They were not pleased.
The 200 odd steps down to the falls viewing area were very steep but the view down there was very good.
When we finally got back up to the top of the steps the same young guy offered us a lift back up to our vans. We couldn’t thank him enough.
We drove back towards Lorne and on the way called into Teddy’s Lookout and had lunch while we were there. The view down onto the Great Ocean Road was great.
Back into Lorne then continued on through Wye River Kennett River before turning off at Skenes Creek for a free campsite again in the Great Otway National Park on the Beech Forest Road. After driving some 16 km we came across a sign “Not Suitable for caravans”, so we turned around and retraced our path then on through Apollo Bay and then down to Cape Otway and a caravan park “Bimbi Park”.
We had not been here long and we noticed in a tree right behind our van, a wild koala feeding. There are supposed to be quite a few around here.

Day 6 At Bimbi Park Campsite.
Not too much happened today apart from the rain which stated as we were having breakfast and continued all day. – at times very heavy.
Hiroe decided to do some washing and then use the laundry drier. Bob did some small repairs – unblocking the drain from the kitchen sink where a rather wayward grape had found its way to prevent water from the sink escaping as it should. He then replaced the washer in one of the kitchen taps which decided to develop a leak. All very convenient on a rainy day when there wasn’t much else to do.
Hopefully the weather will clear overnight.
Oh!! And one other thing – we have no mobile phone no TV and no internet to distract us here.
By the way – Thanks Max and Chris for your comments good to hear from you. Don’t forget everyone – you can post comments as well.
No photos today, didn’t think you would want to see Hiroe slaving over a washing machine

Day 7 Part of The Otway Walks and Falls route
This morning turned out to be reasonably fine so we all boarded “Pommy Bob’s” car and went to have a look at some of the local scenery.
First stop was at a Californian Redwood plantation which had been planted in 1938. The trees are magnificent.
On then to Hopetoun Falls which have been named in honour after a past Victorian State Governor. The walk down to the bottom of the falls was about 2.5 km and very steep. Hiroe didn’t like the walk although her diabetes educator has recommended she partake of this sort of activity. Still, she has a bit of a niggly knee so that excuse is OK.
Next stop was at Beauchamp Falls. A long steep walk again. The two Bobs did the 2 km walk in just under an hour and had to sit and rest at the top. The falls probably not as spectacular at Hopetoun.
On again to have lunch at the ‘Ridge Café’ which has all homemade food. We spent quite a while here resting and eating.
Next stop was at Triplet Falls. You guessed it; A steep walk down and back again but the view was worth it.
Back then to the vans for the night.
Oh!! And after paying for lunch etc we now have no money to add to the no TV, No Mobile phone and no internet.

Day 8 Bimbi Park (Cape Otway) to Princetown
We departed Bimbi Park at 9.00 am after a lovely 3 days here. We stopped at a lookout at Castle Cove where the car park was packed.
We continued on up to Lavers Hill where we purchased some meat for tonight’s meal and took a photo of a sculpture there.
Leaving Lavers Hill it was downhill all the way to Princetown where we have camped for the night in the local Recreation Area.
. We unhooked our van and then had lunch before all going to have a look at The 12 Apostles. First stop was at Gibson’s Steps and we climbed down to the beach and took lot of photos here.
Onwards to the main viewing are of the Apostles and again we took lots of photos. The views here were magnificent. It’s just a pity that there are only 8 left instead if the 12 we saw when we first came here in 1974 and again in 1994.
We drove on to have a look at Loch Ard Gorge which is the site of a shipwreck in 1878. Only 2 young people survived, a young girl named Eva Carmichael and a ships apprentice, Tom Pearce.
Back to the van for the night.

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Days 9 - 11 Killarney to Branxholme

sunny 23 °C

Day 9 Princetown to Killarney
To start this blog entry there are some more photos taken yesterday at The 12 Apostles.
First stop was at Port Campbell where we walked up and down the main street. A very tidy town but nothing much happening. We were here 31 years ago with our children and had Christmas Dinner in the local hotel which still looks the same.
We departed Princetown and called in to have a look at ‘The Arch’.
The next stop was at ‘London Bridge’ where again 31 years ago it was still connected to the mainland and son Rodney and daughter Naomi walked out to the end.
We continued on to ‘The Grotto’ and took some photos there as well.
We drove through Peterborough to the Bay of Islands.
Then on to Warrnambool where we stopped and did a lot of shopping. We haven’t seen a shopping centre like it since leaving home. We refuelled and continued on to tonight’s camp spot at Killarney Recreation reserve – just $16.00 a night and free laundry facilities.

Day 10 – At Warrnambool
Pommy Bob unhooked his can and we all went in his car to have a look at some of the sights around Warrnambool. First stop was at the small Irish town of Koroit – A potato growing area. Took a photo of a Post Box in the main street.
On then into Warrnambool and after having morning tea in the grounds of a garden we went to have a look at the Maritime Museum and village at Flagstaff Hill. Lots of memorabilia from ships which have sunk around the area, as well as a rather large display from the Loch Ard disaster. The village was very interesting as was the remains of the old garrison built in 1887 to deter the Russians.
After quite a few hours walking around looking in the displays we came back to the vans via Super Cheap Auto and Bunnings. The English gentleman then had to do some leak sealing on the roof of his van. (Note the lovely coloured steps he owns).2014_mar_2..fixing_leak.jpg

Day 11 Killarney to Branxholme
Bob had to run back to Warrnambool to exchange an inverter he purchased yesterday which didn’t work. When he returned we headed off towards Portland where we did quite a bit of shopping since we wont be near any large supermarkets for a few days.
We went down to the harbour area for lunch and while we were there we saw a lovely old tram going along.
The harbour is very busy and it looks like a considerable amount of timber and wood chips are exported from here.
After lunch we drove back up the road a bit before heading north for our stopping place for the night in a recreation area at Branxholme which is a very small town.

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Days 12 & 13

Day 12 – Branxholme to Serviceton
Pommy Bobs friend from the UK has had to make an emergency flight to Adelaide – her son is in an induced coma following an accident. Bob really wants to go to Adelaide to offer support so we have decide to change out trip somewhat.
We are going to take some short cuts across to try to get to Adelaide as soon as possible.
We arrived in Hamilton and we were going to spend a few minutes having a look at the oldest Botanical Garden in Victoria which is here. Unfortunately a power pole jumped out from the side of the road and ripped off the awning on Bob’s van. If you have a look at the photo you will see that the pole leans over the road and the camber on the road made the van lean in towards the pole even though the wheels of the van were about 30 cm from the kerb.
A few phone calls to insurance company and a repair shop and we loaded the demolished awning in Bob’s van and visited the repair shop. Luckily they were able to make some emergency repairs and arrange for the disposal of the wrecked awning and we all did some laundry and were on our way again towards Adelaide.
Both our GPS systems decided to take the shortest route and we travelled some quite bumpy and very narrow roads to a good rest area some 18 km from the South Australian border. On the way we stopped for afternoon tea and noticed a hay stack which had collapsed.

Day 13 Serviceton to Adelaide
We left Serviceton and continued on towards Adelaide which was 280 km away stopping for morning tea at the small town of Keith.
A little further down the road we saw an advert for a header field day and stopped to take a photo.
We drove on to Tailem Bend where we stopped for lunch and had our first sight this trip of the mighty Murray River.
Next stop was at the caravan park Pommy Bob had booked us into at Darlington – The Sturt River caravan park. We will be here for the next 3 nights.

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Days 14 - 15

sunny 32 °C

Day 14 – In Adelaide
This morning we took both vehicles and drove into Adelaide City. We parked behind the Adelaide High School. It was a bit of a long walk into the city centre.
We walked to the Rundle mall and found some pig statues so had to take a photo or two.
There are a lot of lovely old buildings in this city – Adelaide Arcade and the Museum included.2014_Mar_2..aide_Museum.jpg2014_Mar_2..aide_Arcade.jpg
Lunch was next on the agenda then Pommy Bob went back to his car to go and visit his friend at the hospital. After walking around a bit more, we collected our car and drove up onto Mount Lofty and visited the Botanic Gardens there. This is a relatively new garden only started in 1977 and features plants from cooler temperate areas around the world.
Back to the van for a late afternoon tea. (4.00pm).

Day 15 – In Adelaide still
This morning we all went in Pommy Bob’s car to Port Adelaide and while there had a good look around the Sunday Markets but didn’t purchase a thing although there were many interesting items for sale.
Pommy Bob climbed up into the Port Lighthouse for a look around.
We walked around the historic precinct and there are some lovely old buildings here.
Back in car we drove to the coastal town of Glenelg which was crowded. There were many eating places here so we had lunch before going for a walk out onto the pier.
Having overstayed our parking time we hurried back to the car and drove to Brighton for a look at the beach and pier there as well as to have a huge ice cream each.
After all of that it was time to head back to the caravan so that Hiroe could do some washing before we leave here tomorrow morning.

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